The Language Bar and Tamil Text Input

admin - Posted on 18 February 2012

Once you have successfully installed Murasu Anjal 10 in Windows, You can use the language bar to change your input language to Tamil.  The language bar will now have a menu, listing of all supported Tamil input methods in the version of Anjal you installed.  You can invoke the input method in the following ways:

  1. Click on the "EN" button on the right hand corner of the task bar.

::Desktop:Anjal User Guide Images:AUG TSF 1.png ::Desktop:Anjal User Guide Images:AUG TSF 2.png
The languages menu will pop-up. Select "TA" to set the input to Tamil mode.

  1. Permanently display the language bar on the desktop.
    1. Instead of clicking on the "EN" or "TA" button on the task bar all the time, you can make the language bar float on the desktop.
    2. To do this, click on the "EN" or "TA" button (as shown above)
    3. Select "Show the Language bar" menu item.
    4. Once the language bar is on the desktop, you can then use that to switch input languages.

::Desktop:Anjal User Guide Images:AUG TSF 3.png

  1. When you select Tamil, you will see the Anjal icon and the Anjal Options menu.

::Desktop:Anjal User Guide Images:AUG TSF 4.png


Selecting the Input Language


The language bar allows you to select Input Languages. You can have multiple input languages in Windows. These languages can be Chinese, Arabic or others. Selecting the input language activates the input method (or keyboard layout) associated with the language.
In the case of Anjal, you must select Tamil as the input language. This is shown in figure-2(d) above.
Anjal also includes an "Options" menu in which you can choose your keyboard layout, start the Visual Keyboard, the Character Palette or switch input modes.
AUG Langbar VKBD.png

Selecting the Input Method


Murasu Anjal includes 8 input methods. They are listed in the Options menu shown below. The default input method will be Anjal. You can change that to your preferred one by simply selecting it from the menu. The active input method will have a tick mark on the item.


Switching Input Modes [English <-> Tamil]

While Murasu Anjal remaps the keyboard for Tamil text input, it also allows users you to change the input-mode to English. In other words, with Murasu Anjal, you can input in Tamil and English while remaining in Tamil mode.
To do this, use the F12 key. Users of earlier versions of Murasu Anjal will be familiar with this.
Note that F12 allows you to change "input mode" between Tamil and English without changing the "input language".
Note: Once you change the input language (by selecting a different language in the language bar), F12 will no longer function as the mode-switching key.

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