Installing Murasu Anjal 10 on Windows

admin - Posted on 18 February 2012

This page is created to help our new users who do not have a PDF reader installed in their machines in order to read the complete User Guide. We have explained the steps to install Murasu Anjal 10. We also have another page that shows users how to use the language bar for Tamil text input.
These two pages are provided with the intent of getting you started quickly. We strongly recommend that you download the complete User Guide in order to find out what else you can do with Murasu Anjal 10.


Before installing Anjal into your computer, please ensure that you have the following minimum requirements:

  1. An active Internet Connection
    1. Internet connection is required at the time of installation. This is to verify your Anjal 10 serial number.
  1. Adobe Reader or any PDF reader
    1. This is required to read the help document and other PDF documents that you may create from time to time.
  1. Microsoft Windows Xp with Dot Net Framework 2.0
    1. If your computer is running Windows Vista or later, the required Dot Net framework is already included.
    2. For WindowsXp, you may install the framework from the distribution CD-ROM. The link to install this can be found in the main screen of the installation CD-ROM.
  1. Complex Script Support enabled & Text Services turned on (Windows Xp only)
    1. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows-7, you need not do anything to enable this.
    2. For WindowsXp, you may enable Complex Script by opening "Regional and Language Options" in control panel and checking this option (shown below)
    3. Click on the "Details" button, select the "Advanced" tab and check "Extend support of advanced text services to all programs".

AUG ControlPanel.png AUG Advance Text Services.png
Note: You may be required to insert the WindowsXp CD-ROM when you click "Apply" or "OK" in the "Regional and Language Options" window.


Installing Murasu Anjal

Start the Murasu Anjal installer either by double clicking the downloaded file or from the appropriate link on the CD-ROM main screen.
Follow the steps as outlined below to complete the installation:
::Desktop:Anjal User Guide Images:AUG Install 1.png ::Desktop:Anjal User Guide Images:AUG Install 2.png
IMPORTANT: It is important to enter your full name and email address in the respective columns. In addition, Murasu Anjal requires a Serial Number for activation. Depending on your type of purchase, this number can be found either in your purchase receipt email or pasted on the CD-ROM cover. Make sure you enter the Serial Number exactly as provided.
::Desktop:Anjal User Guide Images:AUG Install 3.png ::Desktop:Anjal User Guide Images:AUG Install 4.png
Click the Next button to accept the default values. It is highly recommended that you keep the installation Folder as provided.
::Desktop:Anjal User Guide Images:AUG Install 5.png
Click Finish once the installation is complete. This will close the installer. There is no further configuration or setup to do on Murasu Anjal, except to install the Anjal PDF writer. We'll do that next.

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