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admin - Posted on 10 December 2010

We are pleased to introduce Murasu Anjal 9.8 to our customers who have been using our software for a very long time and are in need to use AA_, TSC_ and TAB_/TAM_ fonts in their publications.

We will be releasing this in January 2011. However, we have been getting an overwhelming number of enquiries from users are anxious to get their hands on this product. We provide the information below -- in the form of question-and-answer -- to help users gain a better understanding of the product.

1. What is Murasu Anjal 9.8?

Murasu Anjal 9.8 is a new version in the Murasu Anjal 9 series. It is packaged to help users who still need to use old software like PageMaker and CorelDraw for print publishing. It contains all of the fonts that were in Murasu Anjal 9.7 PRO and Publishers Pack. It supports all the keyboard layouts included in 9.7 and has the Murasu Rich Text converter. All other additional features in 9.7 have been dropped in 9.8.

2. Why Murasu Anjal 9.8 when you have launched Murasu Anjal 10?

Murasu Anjal 10 is our latest product. It was designed to provide fonts and keyboard layouts for users to create Tamil documents based on the Unicode standard ONLY. Unicode is the only Industry Standard for Tamil and it is the only standard that will allow problem-free Tamil text across different applications.

However, there are many users who are still using old software such as PageMaker. These old software does not support the Unicode standard. As such Murasu Anjal 10 cannot be used with these old software.

Murasu Anjal 9.8 is released to help users continue to edit or update their old documents.

3. What versions of Windows will Murasu Anjal 9.8 work in?

Murasu Anjal 9.8 will only work in Windows XP. It will not work in Windows Vista or Windows 7 and we have no plans to make it run on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

4. Will it work on Machintosh computers


5. Can I install Murasu Anjal 9.8 without Murasu Anjal 10?

In order to run Murasu Anjal 9.8, you must have purchased and installed Murasu Anjal 10 on the same computer running Windows XP. Without Murasu Anjal 10 installed, you will not be able to install Murasu Anjal 9.8.

6. What fonts are bundled into Murasu Anjal 9.8?

Murasu Anjal 9.8 includes all the fonts that are included in Murasu Anjal 9.7 and all the fonts that are included in the Publishers Pack.

7. Will there be more fonts from Murasu for Murasu Anjal 9.8?

No. We will not be producing any new AA_, TSCu_, TAB_ or TAM fonts for Murasu Anjal 9.8. All our new fonts will be based on the Unicode standard and will only work with Murasu Anjal 10.

8. Can I use Murasu Anjal 10 fonts with Murasu Anjal 9.8 (and vice-versa)

No. You can't use the fonts interchangeably.

9. Can I install and use Murasu Anjal 10 and Murasu Anjal 9.8 on the same computer?

Yes. You can install and use Murasu Anjal 10 and Murasu Anjal 9.8 on the same computer. However, you need to make sure that you select the fonts accordingly. We will provide these details in the user guide.

10. If a user sends me a Word document created with Murasu Anjal 10, can I publish the document in PageMaker if I have Murasu Anjal 9.8?

Yes. You will have to first convert the Word document to TSCu_ or AA_ font format using the Rich Text Converter. Once converted, you can then 'place' the document in PageMaker. However, this may not work with Word versions 2007 or later.

11. Can I use Murasu Anjal 9.8 to create Tamil documents in InDesign?

If you use AA_ or TAM_ fonts, you may. However, if you are using Unicode (created with Murasu Anjal 10), it may not be possible.

12. When will it be possible for me to use InDesign to create Unicode documents using Murasu Anjal 10 on Windows Vista or Windows 7?

The problem is not really with Murasu Anjal 10. The reason why this is not possible now is that InDesign does not yet support Tamil text officially. We are working on a solution for this and will make an announcement once we have something usable.

13. If Murasu Anjal 9.8 is not going to work on Windows 7, what is the future of Murasu in Tamil print publishing?

We are committed to the Tamil print publishing industry. Our efforts are to make Tamil work without problems in modern software like Adobe Creative Suite (CS5). We are continuously working to offer a problem-free and feature-rich solution to our users on these platforms. All of these efforts will be based on Murasu Anjal 10.

14. If I create my documents in PageMaker today, can I convert the text into Unicode when I migrate to InDesign?

We are exploring the possibility to provide a solution for such a conversion. At this time, we can't make any promises.

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